Thursday, November 17, 2011

it's officially official!!!

we got back the actual marriage certificate from the courthouse!! it was a whirlwind marriage. no, the actual date and all that was set way in advance. the actual wedding was fast.  it was planned in around 3 weeks because we were originally going to have a small private wedding at home, but then tarrah bought a dress and had to have something where more people could be invited. she helps out with international students at a church in kent so we had it there. definitely not how i envisioned my wedding! anyhow its done, nerves are at ease, we have the certificate in hand and i'm married to my beautiful WIFE, and we had a low key honeymoon at cleveland eating at pacific east in coventry then went to toledo of all places for tony packo's!!  took the scenic backroads home.

...then we both got sick. at least it was after the wedding and not before!!!

and in case you missed it , we picked 11-11-11 at 11:11 to get married. everyone keeps telling me that i'm a dead man if i ever forget our anniversary!! *gulp*

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