Monday, October 8, 2012

google maps vs. apple maps. round one victory google. fatality.

i mentioned in the louis C.K. post how far off the apple maps was for severance hall. (about 3.5 miles off)

otherwise, just how bad is apple maps?

first image is kent state on google maps on an iphone with ios 6, the second is on an ipad with ios 5. thats a total difference. there are no buildings or any real information on the apple one. seriously apple pooched the screw on this. there is almost no information around me on businesses. at this point i refuse to put ios 6 on my ipad and really regret putting it on my phone. i pretty much used google maps to find most anyplace i'm looking to go. i guess there is still google earth but its pretty slow.

so, dear apple fuck you...

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