Thursday, October 25, 2012

Internet explorer on Xbox?

Internet explorer on Xbox? no keyboard and $5 a month? color me excited!!!

I guess new features are nice but one as basic as a web browser shouldn't have a subscription fee. I guess if I really wanted to browse the web at the TV I have Firefox on my media center! or my phone in my pocket.

honestly I barely turn on the Xbox any more. I need some new games but nothing is jumping out at me other than maybe saints row: the third and sleeping dogs. anything else good out there?

I wonder how far Microsoft will blur the lines between devices. I guess if you can use a mouse and keyboard with the Xbox some people could drop their PCs...or if the kinect is usable for input? tablets that mimic windows 8, web browsing consoles. what's a poor PC, being replaced by tablets, phones, consoles, and media centers. what's an all-in-one box to do these days?

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