Thursday, October 4, 2012

louis C.K. @ severance hall last night

last night me and tarrah went to see louis C.K. in cleveland.  how good were our seats?

yeah they were that good.  we were in an opera box right over the stage. the only better seats would have been on the floor in the first 5 or so rows.

the show was pretty good, all new material. tarrah was very excited about the whole thing. it was kind of odd since the place was so posh.  we saw the trailer park boys show a few months ago and it was at playhouse square which was posh but this place was super classy like i felt like i should have had a tuxedo.... at least my tuxedo t-shirt...

we waited around outside after the show for traffic to die down and spotted a fancy SUV parked on the sidewalk up against the building and hung around to see if he came out that way and he did. his *bodyguards* told us to leave, he said hi and thanks to tarrah, but it was obvious he wanted to get out of there. i mean it is cleveland after all and who wants to be there?

interesting tidbit.  apple maps on iOS 6 gave us the address for playhouse square and not severance hall. they are 3.5 miles apart.  good thing we allowed plenty of extra time.  i honestly don't trust the app to use it for a GPS, so i just grabbed the address out of it and put it in our garmin. but the pile of shit apple maps gave us the wrong address. apple needs to get off their egoasses, suck it up, and put google maps back on.

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  1. I was at the show as well, and we had the same problem with the Apple Maps app. Luckily they didn't start exactly on time and we made it just in time to see Todd Glass start his opening set. I thought it was funny that Louis coincidentally made a joke about GPSs being wrong when that issue definitely affected multiple people in the crowd.