Saturday, October 13, 2012

moving back to windows from Mac

I know this will be great news for tarrah who hates the Mac, but a couple of minor annoyances has me turning my pc back on and as the main computer.

file manager. apples sucks. it doesn't easily show info about lots of files. thumbnails suck when you resize them or the window. I can't just get photos off my iPhone without using the lame photo import utility.

no good DVD ripping program.

just see the beach ball of death way too often.

the singular menu bar across the top of the screen sucks. I like one menu bar per window.

maybe mountain lion fixes some of this but my Mac has the sucktastic intel 950 graphics so I can't run it.

the incredible irony of this is my pc is in an old Mac case that I used to run a hackintosh on...

still haven't looked at windows 8 first hand, but I really don't like the look of what I've seen so far online. I suspect I'll be sitting on windows 7 for a long time, unless I'm way off base about windows 8.

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