Tuesday, October 30, 2012

downgrade to windows 7!

this can't bode well for windows 8 if micro center is advertising laptops with windows 7, but getting it by "downgrade rights from windows 8"

i finally put the preview release in a virtual machine and it's awful. this weird mash up between windows 7 and an oversized iPad. basically mashing 2 totally different environments together. is it usable? anyone spent any real time with it?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Internet explorer on Xbox?

Internet explorer on Xbox? no keyboard and $5 a month? color me excited!!!

I guess new features are nice but one as basic as a web browser shouldn't have a subscription fee. I guess if I really wanted to browse the web at the TV I have Firefox on my media center! or my phone in my pocket.

honestly I barely turn on the Xbox any more. I need some new games but nothing is jumping out at me other than maybe saints row: the third and sleeping dogs. anything else good out there?

I wonder how far Microsoft will blur the lines between devices. I guess if you can use a mouse and keyboard with the Xbox some people could drop their PCs...or if the kinect is usable for input? tablets that mimic windows 8, web browsing consoles. what's a poor PC, being replaced by tablets, phones, consoles, and media centers. what's an all-in-one box to do these days?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

wow google calendar is down!!1

google calendar is down. it took a few reloads for it to sink in!!1 i've never seen any google service offline ever. i've read that gmail and chat went down for a few hours before, though i've never seen it!!1

when gmail went down people thought it was the end of the world!!1

google was so shocked they have a "1" in place of the last "!".  it was so shocking they couldn't hold the shift key down the whole time!!1

i like the error.  "Service Error -27. That's all we know." very informative!!1

Sunday, October 14, 2012

my new lucky penny

I found this 1897 penny 1887 nickel in the garden today. I wonder how long it's been buried there. this house was built in the 1920s I think. if only I had it on me the other day I wouldn't have gotten that knife in my tire!

after a bunch of back and forth discussion on facebook i realized it didn't look exactly like the penny i thought it was. then realized it was nickel sized, yet seemed copper.  i guess nickels were 75% copper, 25% nickel.... and it looks more like 1887 than 1897 for the date...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

moving back to windows from Mac

I know this will be great news for tarrah who hates the Mac, but a couple of minor annoyances has me turning my pc back on and as the main computer.

file manager. apples sucks. it doesn't easily show info about lots of files. thumbnails suck when you resize them or the window. I can't just get photos off my iPhone without using the lame photo import utility.

no good DVD ripping program.

just see the beach ball of death way too often.

the singular menu bar across the top of the screen sucks. I like one menu bar per window.

maybe mountain lion fixes some of this but my Mac has the sucktastic intel 950 graphics so I can't run it.

the incredible irony of this is my pc is in an old Mac case that I used to run a hackintosh on...

still haven't looked at windows 8 first hand, but I really don't like the look of what I've seen so far online. I suspect I'll be sitting on windows 7 for a long time, unless I'm way off base about windows 8.

Friday, October 12, 2012

the DVR says its time to watch IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA!!!

super excited! even though I know it isn't always sunny in
Philadelphia reeeeeaaallllyyyy...
no spoilers, but who knows later!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

fuck you littering asshole

fuck you asshole that littered a paring knife onto the road. I now
need to replace a tire that has maybe a couple thousand miles tops on
it. I'd love to give you your fucking knife back. in your eye socket.
big props to bill coming an bringing tools! hmmm I wonder where piper
could have picked up the F word?
piper has learned to say the F word or something very much like it. a lot. it's like F F F F sometimes

elections are a month away and this is what our newspapers headlines look like

elections are a month away and this is what our newspapers headlines
look like. such amazing information!

though admit it you've done some of these! the skittles one is too easy. come on!

i read somewhere a girl had her stomach removed because she drank a mixed drink that was made with liquid nitrogen.  ouch.  i thought the flaming shots and flaming dr. peppers were dumb. not that i didn't do them. eh. i'd probably have done a flaming liquid nitrogen shot. is that in the bartenders handbook?

Monday, October 8, 2012

google maps vs. apple maps. round one victory google. fatality.

i mentioned in the louis C.K. post how far off the apple maps was for severance hall. (about 3.5 miles off)

otherwise, just how bad is apple maps?

first image is kent state on google maps on an iphone with ios 6, the second is on an ipad with ios 5. thats a total difference. there are no buildings or any real information on the apple one. seriously apple pooched the screw on this. there is almost no information around me on businesses. at this point i refuse to put ios 6 on my ipad and really regret putting it on my phone. i pretty much used google maps to find most anyplace i'm looking to go. i guess there is still google earth but its pretty slow.

so, dear apple fuck you...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

louis C.K. @ severance hall last night

last night me and tarrah went to see louis C.K. in cleveland.  how good were our seats?

yeah they were that good.  we were in an opera box right over the stage. the only better seats would have been on the floor in the first 5 or so rows.

the show was pretty good, all new material. tarrah was very excited about the whole thing. it was kind of odd since the place was so posh.  we saw the trailer park boys show a few months ago and it was at playhouse square which was posh but this place was super classy like i felt like i should have had a tuxedo.... at least my tuxedo t-shirt...

we waited around outside after the show for traffic to die down and spotted a fancy SUV parked on the sidewalk up against the building and hung around to see if he came out that way and he did. his *bodyguards* told us to leave, he said hi and thanks to tarrah, but it was obvious he wanted to get out of there. i mean it is cleveland after all and who wants to be there?

interesting tidbit.  apple maps on iOS 6 gave us the address for playhouse square and not severance hall. they are 3.5 miles apart.  good thing we allowed plenty of extra time.  i honestly don't trust the app to use it for a GPS, so i just grabbed the address out of it and put it in our garmin. but the pile of shit apple maps gave us the wrong address. apple needs to get off their egoasses, suck it up, and put google maps back on.