Friday, June 14, 2013

AT&T fail...

recently we dumped AT&T because its outrageously overpriced. last month i went into the local store to make the final payment in person so i would have a receipt and make SURE it was the final payment. she said the amount and that its the final payment in full. i paid and left. i got a bill today for $0.01... AT&T made a rounding error... of course in their favor. not even worth my time to call about. i paid it. made sure it was paid with a credit card so they can pay $0.50 in transaction fees. suck it AT&T, I GOT THE LAST LAUGH!!!

*** UPDATE *** they also sent a paper bill, so add postage and paper to the cost of their 1¢ bill. aaahahhahahaaaha!!!

it must be a phone company thing because this happened to me before closing out an account, was assured i was paying the full amount of the final bill.  and months later find out because $0.25 or something ludicrous was showing up on my credit report. i remember the stamp costing me more than the check i had to write... it was SBC i think, definitely one of the baby bells...

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