Saturday, July 20, 2013

happy man on the moon day!

i found this poster in my junior high school in the planetarium.  no one even knew our school had a planetarium including some teachers. i ended up in there doing a project for class, a group of us put on a presentation there and cleaned out the room. they said anything can be thrown out that wasn't part of the actual planetarium. i took this awesome poster and had a really nice leather satchel thing that eventually got lost which is a shame, all i needed was a fedora and a bullwhip and i would have felt like indiana jones!

its so weird

tarrah has been in china for a few weeks now teaching english at a small college over there. exactly a 12 hour difference so her mornings are our nights.  sometimes we can catch each other on skype and the great firewall of china is as annoying as they make it out to be.

i can't wait until she gets back! piper has been okay with it, i'm not sure she understands she's gone but can skype with her. she knows the ringing noise it makes means she might magically appear on the ipad. its cute. today she was kissing the ipad screen when she was saying goodbye.