Monday, November 17, 2014

so i've been in japan a little while now

Tarrah was hired by the JET programme.  their goal is to help Japanese people speak better english to help with their world domination.

anyhow i've been here about 2 months, have a vocabulary of maybe 40 words and can say good morning, good afternoon, good evening, excuse me, some words related to school, and the names of some animals. i haven't learned any good swear words which isn't that the first thing everyone learns?

I'm in the sticks of japan, the northern island of Hokkaido, and not on the fun side (sapporo), i'm on the fishing port side with a pretty small population. English isn't spoken here much but sometimes i run into people that can speak a little.

getting here was an absolute nightmare. i had piper, 3 large suitcases, 2 carry ons, and 2 personal bags. i was told there would be carts around for luggage but they were made for much less luggage. at the tokyo airport someone from the airline was very helpful and got us around and through immigration and customs.

getting here took probably 30 hours all said and done. it wouldn't have been so bad if THE BRAND NEW STILL IN BETA TEST DREAMLINER AIRPLANE DIDN'T FAIL TESTS.  they had to bring in a second one from brazil and i was stuck at pearson international for EIGHT FUCKING HOURS with a very bored piper. the only upside is i got 2 free meal vouchers for waiting. and the food i chose was pretty bleh.... i should have just bought beer with the vouchers, but that wouldn't help keeping piper busy, probably make me fall asleep... oh yeah. sleep wasn't an option since they sell monster energy drinks in vending machines. i went that route...

so anyhow, first flight: small one from cleveland to toronto, after an 8.5 hour delay: toronto to tokyo. missed the third flight to kushiro, so rather than put us in a local hotel, they put us on a 1-hour bus trip to near the other tokyo airport for a hotel. it was like 2am when i got to the hotel and needed to be up at 7am for a shuttle BACK to the original airport. then had to hop another flight to kushiro and finally get to the new apartment. surprisingly piper seemed perfectly okay with takeoffs and landings

FINALLY GOT TO SEE TARRAH! i was ready to go postal on anyone and anything so it wasnt the best greeting. i didn't really get any sleep the whole time. i rested my eyes hoping for sleep but it never really happened. anyhow i was so glad to see her, it had been awhile!!! MHWAHZ!

the apartment is pretty nice we have plenty of space and honestly have a room with nothing going on in it. its supposed to be pipers but she wants her bed in our room and plays in the computer room when she gets her toys out. i think its going to end up a storage room..... or DJ room lol. the local resale shop has a technics 1200 for what works out to about $180 and a cheap stanton mixer for $40. too bad i have no records here.... oh well, just a pipe dream anyhow, my 1200s are stored away in the US.  hopefully safely?

here's some pictures, hopefully i'll get back into the swing of things posting here. it's been awhile. kinda depressing since the last entry was about booger :(