Sunday, February 22, 2015

sushi-go-round dinner tonight

this is a short video from 回転寿司なごやか亭春採店. i have no idea of the name, google translate says "Sushi Tei relaxed Harutori shop"... anyhow its a kaiten sushi place near us. i like the name sushi-go-round better. but basically they put plates of sushi out on this belt and it goes around the whole place. you can grab what you want and are charged by the plate. you can see the sign below the belt that has different colors and prices. i'm not a huge sushi fan, at least from the stuff i've had in the US, but don't mind it as much here. tarrah says its probably because its fresher fish here.

they do put other stuff on the belts, i saw a couple desserts on it, and at one point a couple of orders of french fries.

i guess its one way to try a lot of different things if you have no idea what the stuff tastes like.

we did get there a little before the dinner rush and i noticed once the place got packed there were a ton more things on the belt. but either way you can write what you want on a piece of paper and give it to someone there and they will make it for you.

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