Tuesday, May 5, 2015

i am teh riche$!!!!!

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OMG I AM TEH RICHE$!!!!! $1.5 WHOLE US DOLLA$$$$$$$!!!!

May the 4th be with you!

ok, screw the star wars machete order i've decided.  here's the troutsoup order. its much simpler and doesn't need the pages of explaination.  grab the harmy despecialized editions that are mentioned in the machete order page. they're basically HD quality versions without the lucas 1990-2000 tinkering. as close to the original releases as is possible, put together from various HD sources.

anyhow. here's the order....

star wars...

empire strikes back...

return of the jedi...

and lastly....

its simple, it has no jar-jar, no trade negotiations, no pod racing, no CGI overload, no long song and dance bits, it does have the schwartz and the combination only an idiot would use on their luggage. seriously, its that simple!

for bonus points you can see them in real troutsoup order!!!  empire (theater), jedi (theater), star wars (vhs rental), spaceballs (theater)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

RIP richard....

richard's obituary

i got some of the worst news i've had in awhile the other day. my old roommate richard died. i lost touch with him probably 15 years ago after i moved out of youngstown. when i visit friends from there, none seemed to know what happened to him.

how did i meet richard? he was new in town and dancing like crazy at cedars. i dont even remember who was playing. i ended up talking to him and he said he'd been sleeping in his car. he wanted to be in youngstown to be close to his daughter and had just moved up from south carolina. i had a roommate move out recently and said the room was his but since i didnt know him if it didn't work out i'd give him time to find somewhere else to live.

forward 5 or so years he was the best fucking roommate ever. i could tell stories for weeks but man, fuck i'm getting too choked up typing this. maybe another time... i really wanted to say more...

sorry buddy, japan doesn't have 40s, so a 500 mL can will have to do. fucking one time i dont like the metric system.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

sushi-go-round dinner tonight

this is a short video from 回転寿司なごやか亭春採店. i have no idea of the name, google translate says "Sushi Tei relaxed Harutori shop"... anyhow its a kaiten sushi place near us. i like the name sushi-go-round better. but basically they put plates of sushi out on this belt and it goes around the whole place. you can grab what you want and are charged by the plate. you can see the sign below the belt that has different colors and prices. i'm not a huge sushi fan, at least from the stuff i've had in the US, but don't mind it as much here. tarrah says its probably because its fresher fish here.

they do put other stuff on the belts, i saw a couple desserts on it, and at one point a couple of orders of french fries.

i guess its one way to try a lot of different things if you have no idea what the stuff tastes like.

we did get there a little before the dinner rush and i noticed once the place got packed there were a ton more things on the belt. but either way you can write what you want on a piece of paper and give it to someone there and they will make it for you.

Friday, February 13, 2015


ok my facebook feed is so full of clickbait stuff I barely look at it.



"this one strange looking thing a mother discovered THAT PLASTIC SURGEONS WANT HER DEAD FOR"

...And then there are entire chunks of web pages devoted to clickbait, I'm sure you've seen them all the time...

but wait!!!!! the recipe sites couldn't be left out of the clickbait action!!!

I know they are somewhat less shocking than the usual stuff but give them time until they are "15 slurpee recipes THAT HALF NAKED C-LIST ACTORS USE!!!!"

Monday, November 17, 2014

so i've been in japan a little while now

Tarrah was hired by the JET programme.  their goal is to help Japanese people speak better english to help with their world domination.

anyhow i've been here about 2 months, have a vocabulary of maybe 40 words and can say good morning, good afternoon, good evening, excuse me, some words related to school, and the names of some animals. i haven't learned any good swear words which isn't that the first thing everyone learns?

I'm in the sticks of japan, the northern island of Hokkaido, and not on the fun side (sapporo), i'm on the fishing port side with a pretty small population. English isn't spoken here much but sometimes i run into people that can speak a little.

getting here was an absolute nightmare. i had piper, 3 large suitcases, 2 carry ons, and 2 personal bags. i was told there would be carts around for luggage but they were made for much less luggage. at the tokyo airport someone from the airline was very helpful and got us around and through immigration and customs.

getting here took probably 30 hours all said and done. it wouldn't have been so bad if THE BRAND NEW STILL IN BETA TEST DREAMLINER AIRPLANE DIDN'T FAIL TESTS.  they had to bring in a second one from brazil and i was stuck at pearson international for EIGHT FUCKING HOURS with a very bored piper. the only upside is i got 2 free meal vouchers for waiting. and the food i chose was pretty bleh.... i should have just bought beer with the vouchers, but that wouldn't help keeping piper busy, probably make me fall asleep... oh yeah. sleep wasn't an option since they sell monster energy drinks in vending machines. i went that route...

so anyhow, first flight: small one from cleveland to toronto, after an 8.5 hour delay: toronto to tokyo. missed the third flight to kushiro, so rather than put us in a local hotel, they put us on a 1-hour bus trip to near the other tokyo airport for a hotel. it was like 2am when i got to the hotel and needed to be up at 7am for a shuttle BACK to the original airport. then had to hop another flight to kushiro and finally get to the new apartment. surprisingly piper seemed perfectly okay with takeoffs and landings

FINALLY GOT TO SEE TARRAH! i was ready to go postal on anyone and anything so it wasnt the best greeting. i didn't really get any sleep the whole time. i rested my eyes hoping for sleep but it never really happened. anyhow i was so glad to see her, it had been awhile!!! MHWAHZ!

the apartment is pretty nice we have plenty of space and honestly have a room with nothing going on in it. its supposed to be pipers but she wants her bed in our room and plays in the computer room when she gets her toys out. i think its going to end up a storage room..... or DJ room lol. the local resale shop has a technics 1200 for what works out to about $180 and a cheap stanton mixer for $40. too bad i have no records here.... oh well, just a pipe dream anyhow, my 1200s are stored away in the US.  hopefully safely?

here's some pictures, hopefully i'll get back into the swing of things posting here. it's been awhile. kinda depressing since the last entry was about booger :(

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

R.I.P. booger - 1995ish-2013

it really sucked but she had so many problems and lost over half her body weight. i kept hoping for her to get better but she'd have her good days, then a run of bad days. there were so many things wrong that i had to put her to sleep. i tried doing it a few days ago but had such vivid horrible nightmares. and i never have nightmares. and she seemed to be doing a little better but then it went for the worst. i wanted to keep her around because i love her and she's really my first baby. yes its awful but i mix up pipers and boogers name sometimes. but a friend that was over this weekend that hadn't seen her in years pointing out how bad and painful things looked for her really convinced me it was her time.

she went quick it was one of the most horrible things i've been through but i had to be there for her, since she hates vets and goes bonkers there. tarrah was the best moral support during and after.

i figured i'd post this because so many people were friends and roommates that knew her, people that were around when she was born, and just generally knew her.

i really am glad that i got time to be with her before. she pretty much slept in front of the heater so i slept with her last night.

i wish i had more time, but she really looked bad today, she barely moved and could hardly breathe, and i would be a shithead to stall again because i wanted more time with her.
fuck. i am going to have a breakdown....

Thursday, November 14, 2013

happy anniversary to us!

here's tarrah playing mortal kombat at the RCN cave this past weekend for our 2 year anniversary!! we googled the finishing moves but still couldn't figure them out... we went about 50/50 with the wins, but she kept complaining when I'd luck into a combo or weapon by button mashing...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

dish networks piss poor customer service

dish network is pulling the old AOL scam. the "we refuse to cancel your service no matter what" routine. i'll bet there are still people that are paying for AOL accounts that they gave up trying to cancel in the 90s. it's hard, really hard to get AOL to cancel an account.  i once had someone pay me to do it because they couldn't.  you have to just keep saying it over and over until they finally do and then verify on another call with a different agent that it's done.

but back to dish TV.... i couldn't find anywhere on their billing site to cancel, so i hit them up on chat and they said i had to call, i called and they said it was cancelled and a box would be sent to me to return the receiver.

i later got an email saying my email address on my account was changed, so i logged in and checked out the account, i said i had a negative balance and figured it was a fluke about the email being changed, and set my email address to what it should be. i chatted with a representative and double checked it was cancelled they said it was.

a few weeks later i asked where the box was for returning the receiver and the guy said it can take up to 30 days, sometimes longer.

tonight i get an email saying i have a $2.48 balance. i checked and have the service on "pause" and they charge $5 a month for not using their service.

so here's what happened.  the first person refused to cancel online, the 2nd said it was cancelled. really she "paused" my account and changed my email address. a few days later the 3rd person confirmed it was cancelled. a few weeks later a 4th said it was cancelled and my return box was on its way. tonight a 5th person said it was "paused" but wouldn't cancel it for me and passed me to a 6th person who claims it is cancelled and i again will see a box for returning the receiver.

all the while they are trying to sell me varations on their service.

this shitty service is all about call metrics... the agents can't have too many customers disconnecting service, because they have goals to meet and if too many people cancel on them specifically they are punished overy it because they clearly aren't trying hard enough to retain the customer. they have to upsell and pitch things--NO MATTER WHAT--during a call.  so i'm trying to cancel service and basically their call agents are lying and doing scummy stuff to keep their jobs, all while asking if i'd like to add HBO or switch up to a different receiver.  they are judged on a list of things they need to do on every call.  this ranges from upselling service to saying "hello thank you for calling scumbag networks" and "thanking them for their business" etc. so they do it.  no matter how inappropriate or ridiculous it is.

the really funny part about all of this is they put dish network advertisements over top of other commercials slagging direct TV and say how bad their competitor is and how they raise their rates.  but really dish raised their prices $5 a few months ago. so all their commercials are big fat lies.

this time i logged in after the chat to see what the account looks like and it says its closed but still has the fee for "pause" that i never ordered.

i really hope i dont have to deal more with their support more over the $5 pause fee (and $.20 tax) because i'm at the point where i'll keep calling them until its taken care of and not just pay the penny like i did with AT&T over their final bill rounding)