Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Preacher s01e02

not as intense as s01e01 but i think is starting to lay some serious groundwork for the rest of the show... cassidy watching over jessse custer. some violence. tulip o'hare setting herself up as a more independent woman, who still need jesse custer for .... missions? treasure huning? something?

either way it feels like the calm before the storm. i mean episode 1 was a blitzkreig. and episode 2 the dust starts to settle and they people of ratwater seem complacent. sort of. seriously i'm waiting for the whole shitstorm to erupt. (pardon me mr. lahey). shit will get crazy and the sooner the better. jesse is discovering what his "voice" can do. its okay if you dont know what the voice of god does. neither does jesse. but hey people sure pay attention when he uses it..

fuck. i have to wait til next sunday for more.  i wish this show was on netflix where i could binge watch all of them and have watched them all until next season.. gimme gimme gimme now! don't you know i am 5 years old and demand it NOW ALL OF IT NOW!!!!!

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