Tuesday, December 17, 2013

R.I.P. booger - 1995ish-2013

it really sucked but she had so many problems and lost over half her body weight. i kept hoping for her to get better but she'd have her good days, then a run of bad days. there were so many things wrong that i had to put her to sleep. i tried doing it a few days ago but had such vivid horrible nightmares. and i never have nightmares. and she seemed to be doing a little better but then it went for the worst. i wanted to keep her around because i love her and she's really my first baby. yes its awful but i mix up pipers and boogers name sometimes. but a friend that was over this weekend that hadn't seen her in years pointing out how bad and painful things looked for her really convinced me it was her time.

she went quick it was one of the most horrible things i've been through but i had to be there for her, since she hates vets and goes bonkers there. tarrah was the best moral support during and after.

i figured i'd post this because so many people were friends and roommates that knew her, people that were around when she was born, and just generally knew her.

i really am glad that i got time to be with her before. she pretty much slept in front of the heater so i slept with her last night.

i wish i had more time, but she really looked bad today, she barely moved and could hardly breathe, and i would be a shithead to stall again because i wanted more time with her.
fuck. i am going to have a breakdown....

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