Thursday, February 26, 2015

RIP richard....

richard's obituary

i got some of the worst news i've had in awhile the other day. my old roommate richard died. i lost touch with him probably 15 years ago after i moved out of youngstown. when i visit friends from there, none seemed to know what happened to him.

how did i meet richard? he was new in town and dancing like crazy at cedars. i dont even remember who was playing. i ended up talking to him and he said he'd been sleeping in his car. he wanted to be in youngstown to be close to his daughter and had just moved up from south carolina. i had a roommate move out recently and said the room was his but since i didnt know him if it didn't work out i'd give him time to find somewhere else to live.

forward 5 or so years he was the best fucking roommate ever. i could tell stories for weeks but man, fuck i'm getting too choked up typing this. maybe another time... i really wanted to say more...

sorry buddy, japan doesn't have 40s, so a 500 mL can will have to do. fucking one time i dont like the metric system.

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